Life Reflection: 3As – Accept, Adapt & Accomplish


This sharing has nothing to do with GIS but might help you to excel in all your undertakings.

I had a great time taking my time off at Pangkor Island recently. I am not a good swimmer but didn’t want to miss the chance to soak in nice warm sea water off Teluk Nipah beach. While I was standing at neck deep water facing the ocean, I was pounded by countless rounds of wave. I was a bit overwhelmed but the soonest I turned my back around, the waves were no longer heading my way. In fact they became a continuous force behind of me that pushing me forward. From that moment on, I am no longer facing the force head-on but it passes me and fades way.

I have a few realizations at that defining moment. It all boils down to my perspective:-

  1. Accept: I can choose to see the wave is heading my way or it just passes me by, pushing me forward.
  2. Adapt: I can take control of the situation by adjusting my position
  3. Accomplish: I can turn the obstacle into reckoning force that gives me an extra edge to my advantage.

This writer hopes at any testing time, we will remember to accept, adapt and accomplish in all our undertakings.


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