Happy GIS Day 2016

GIS Day 2016.jpg

We celebrate GIS Day today and every 2nd Wednesday of November annually.

I am a strong believer that spreading GIS thinking is an everyday effort, however having a GIS Day is a fantastic idea to promote more public awareness about applying geography in everything we do.

Along with Esri Malaysia’s efforts, nowadays GIS Day is celebrated by many prominent agencies in Malaysia i.e. NSDI agency (MaCGDI), National Hydrographic Center (PHN), various state GIS agencies, etc.

For me GIS Day is a day to recognize tireless effort by many unsung geo-mentor heroes and motivate many more GIS practitioners to hang on and thrive.

Great job to all that work tirelessly in using GIS solutions to make a difference.

Happy GIS Day 2016. Let’s continue to spread the idea of applying geography to all.

This writer hopes more enterprises, agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, etc in Malaysia and this region are joining the bandwagon in celebrating GIS Day.


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