Clear the air – about my resignation

Over the last few weeks, there were many concerns and speculations about my “sudden resignation” as CEO of Esri Malaysia. Some quick to link the resignation with my recent medical crisis.

Apologized for keeping many of you in the dark. Anyway, thanks for all the best wishes and encouraging Whatapps and emails from customers, partners and friends. My Standard reply is explanatory and factual:-

“Health wise I am perfectly fine. Thanks for the concerns. Just want to take a career break, long overdue since my surgery 1.5 years ago. Delayed few times due to company commitments. Now all commitments are fulfilled, best time for me to take a break with minimal disruption to company operation”

There are few highlights worth mentioning:-

  1. The decision to resign was not due to unfavorable health condition (this writer survived Pheochromocytoma tumor and at the moment, there is no sign of recurrence)
  2.  The decision to resign is also not due to troubling or challenging time in Esri Malaysia. In fact it is a well-known fact that Esri Malaysia is in best shape ever and well positioned to meet another year of solid growth after achieving two consecutive years of exceptional growth.
  3.  As responsible employee, I reckon the best time for the Captain to change shifts is when the ship is docking at safe harbor or the ship is cruising on autopilot in calm water.
  4.  I am is still very passionate about GIS industry and will continue contributing to GIS development in Malaysia and around this region after a deserved break.

With more free time ahead, I will spend more time reading, traveling, spending time with family, reconnecting with old friends, and definitely sharing more thoughts in this blog.

Stay in touch and stay tuned.

This writer would like to thank all his customers, partners and friends for their supports and friendships throughout his 6 years in Esri Malaysia. It has been a great privilege to work with them to have world-class GIS solutions inspire everyone to use geographic insight to make a difference.


2 thoughts on “Clear the air – about my resignation

  1. Samantha Liew

    It’s been a great pleasure working with Mr Lai and may you have a great break, spending time with love ones and doing things you enjoyed most!


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