Geo-Mentors in Malaysia

I first came across Geographical Information System (GIS) during my early day in University Technology of Malaysia (UTM). I am fortunate to have been a student of late Prof. Dr. Ahris Yaakup from Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Built Environment (FAB). The late Prof. Dr. Ahris is among the pioneer GIS lecturer in Malaysia and always passionate to share his knowledge in GIS with his students.

In addition to the late Prof. Dr. Ahris, I am lucky to have another mentor – Mr. Yong Sun Yong (my senior in Town Planning) as my guiding star during my student days in UTM. Both of them take great efforts to show me the fascinating world of GIS, answer my curiosities about what’s possible and recommend reading materials that helped strengthen my understanding about this technology.

My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to these great gentlemen. I wouldn’t able be where I am today without the support and guidance I got from these geo-mentors.

We definitely need more geo-mentor to promote GIS literacy to our younger generation and for betterment of our society. I am ready to make steps to push this geo-mentor initiative across Malaysia, are you with me?

To both my geo-mentors, thanks for everything and I will continue to make you proud.


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