ArcGIS Marketplace, tech hub for ArcGIS Online

Esri Australia

Late last year Esri launched a place for our partners to host their hard work – the ArcGIS Marketplace.

When I talk about partners, I’m talking about organisations which are part of the Esri Partner Network – an ecosystem of innovative GIS and IT professionals who are pushing the boundaries of the technology and extending the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Marketplace is a one-stop shop for our partners to showcase their apps and data to the global Esri community.  It is an easy way for any ArcGIS user to access partner solutions via their ArcGIS Online Organisational Plan.

This month, Full Extent launched the first locally developed ArcGIS Marketplace App – Geo-Publisher.

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2 thoughts on “ArcGIS Marketplace, tech hub for ArcGIS Online

  1. Stefanie

    Dear Mr Lai,

    searching for GIS data from Malaysia brought me to your interesting blog. I am a researcher at the Swiss Technology University Institute (ETHZ) – ‘The Future Cities Laboratory’ ( – in Singapore and trying to find ways to access planning data from Malaysia (mainly Johor Province), also from Indonesia (Riau Island Province). We are starting to work on large urban planning scenarios for the wider region of Singpaore, but we are lacking some data from Malaysia. We already bought the Navtech database, but the land use and single buildings are missing for example. Also our connections to UTM to the building departement have not helped further.
    Could you maybe help me with this search? Is there another platform to download specific layers for Malaysia? Or how does the way over authorities work? So far my former colleagues never succeeded with their attempts…

    Very grateful and with best regards,

    1. Lai, Chee Siew Post author

      Hello Stefanie, Thanks for the write. Large scale data is not easy to get and data sharing is not a common practice yet in Malaysia.

      If NAVTEQ database cant fits your needs, you might want to try to reach for official source from the following authorities :-
      1. Malaysia Center for Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MaCGDI) – MaCGDI might have some data layers that’s available to be shared

      2. Alternatively can seek MaCGDI’s help to write you a letter of recommendation (to whom it may concerns type) – since they are the authoritative source for geospatial initiative in Malaysia, which you can circulate to town planning department in Johor (since you are interested in Landuse and urban planning)

      Good luck.


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