Book Review : Web GIS – Principles and Applications

Web GIS – Principles and Applications by Pinde Fu and Jiulin Sun (Esri Press)

Web GIS – Principles and Applications

By Pinde Fu and Jiulin Sun (Esri Press)


What is Web GIS ? Web GIS is a type of distributed geospatial information system that uses web technology to communicate between components. Web GIS inherent advantages over traditional desktop GIS due to the following:-

  • A global reach
  • A large number of users
  • Better cross-platform capability
  • Low cost as averaged by the number of users
  • Easy to use for end users
  • Unified update
  • Diverse applications

Pinde Fu and Jiulin Sun elaborates Web GIS from perspective of Mobile GIS, Geoportal, NDSI, e-business and e-government, what are the potential type of applications made possible by Web GIS in these areas.

The authors cite many examples and case studies that show geospatial information can be shared by a variety of means. The authors also explain the rationale of introducing Geoportal in the context of Web GIS because geoportals are a type of Web GIS application. Geoportal is web site where geospatial information can be discovered – make it easier for users to find, access and use geospatial information. In other words, Geoportals facilitate geospatial information sharing and web service is an increasingly popular way of sharing information.

The authors seek to ensure that readers get the right perspective and understand the benefits of Web GIS – the book is packed with case studies, challenges and prospects in dealing with Web GIS, especially the needs to take into account internet users who have no GIS background, as scalability performance issues as the number of internet users increases.

At the end of the book, the authors share areas of new frontiers and future trends related to Web GIS. An informative read for those who are interested in Web GIS


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