Interactively Comparing Result of Malaysia GE13 vs GE12

Comparing Result of GE12 vs GE 13Recently, I have posted 2 articles about usage of GIS in General Election (GE) and for politician.

Now, after the GE13 (13th General Election) or PRU13 dust has settled, it is worth to look back and compare the result of GE13/PRU13 with GE12/PRU12. One of the best way to compare before and after effect is using Esri Swipe Tool. The Swipe Layer tool is used to interactively reveal layers beneath the layer being swiped by aligning the maps side by side. You will able to see the result of GE13/PRU13 and/or GE12/PRU12 as you swipe from left/right without having to turn the map layers on and off in the table of contents.

After successfully introducing GIS-based interactive map to enhance election news coverage at recent GE13, Esri Malaysia and The Star Online team once again collaborating to present GE12/GE13 comparison map for Malaysian readers. You can see the interactive GE12/GE13 comparison map for both parliament and state/DUN seats on the following links :-

Once again, kudos to The Star Online team for their commitment and innovation in presenting the best to their readers. Well done !


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