Smarter Way of Sharing Geospatial Data

Call me naive if you wish, but I’m a true believer of community basemap for Malaysia will take off one day.

What is a community basemap ? Community basemap is a collective effort by geospatial industry player to share authoritative, multi-scale vector and imagery data at local, state and national level for public consumption to kick-start their GIS activity.

I reckon my believe is supported by the following observed facts :-

  • People is willing to share when they know they don’t have to surrender the ownership of their data
  • Sharing will make them more popular when more users are depending on their data
  • They don’t have to be responsible for the errors associated with the use of data that they have shared out
  • They are meaningfully helping others and justify their spending with tangible and intangible economic benefits
  • It doesn’t cost them much (time/resources/money) to publish their data for sharing.

Imagine if Agency Remote Sensing of Malaysia (ARSM) is caching and publishing the latest and authoritative satellite imagery of Malaysia as image service discoverable and accessible by all

Imagine if Department of Survey and Mapping of Malaysia (JUPEM) is caching and publishing the accurate and authoritative topo map, large-scale map as map services for general public.

Imagine if local and state authorities are caching and publishing their landuse, zoning, structure plan and local plan etc as map services for citizen.

Imagine if Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) is publishing feature services and leverage on citizen as their sensor to solicit feedback through crowd-sourcing.

My imagination is limitless but suffices to list a few for this post.

I’m sure you will agree with me, when these efforts take off ground (I’m not using “if” because I’m convinced it will happen someday, just a matter of time), this will ideally help accelerate geospatial industry development in Malaysia.

Let’s work towards early realization of this notion, shall we?


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