Selamat Datang (Welcome in Bahasa Malaysia)


Kuala Lumpur Skyline

Welcome to my GIS Blog

This is not a technical blog for GIS developers or programmers.  Rather this is a GIS blog for Senior Executives, managers and non-GIS users that would like to gain more understanding about the advantage and potential of GIS applications in help making the right decision – saving cost (if you are in a cost centre) or increasing revenue (if you are in a profit centre).

The posting will look at GIS from managerial perspective, using layman terminology and analogies. The objective is to facilitate communications and understandings about benefits of GIS implementation, importance of geospatial data, best practices, and rationales for managerial decision making.

My random thoughts are written in plain and simple language. The goal is for you to gain a right perspective on the topic and able to communicate with your non-GIS users. However, If you are a GIS technical professional, that would like to get insight from business and managerial perspective, Feel free to share the analogies and thoughts with your senior executives or managers when you need to communicate your message across.

P/s :- My appreciation to Kris Krüg for the wonderful photos shared on Flickr